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While working on the reports, students are encouraged to participate in the discussion page provided in MediaWiki. Students may find in each of their groups a discussion page. The page is for students to pose any questions or suggestions relating to the project. Students of the same group are responsible for checking and answering the questions or comments posted up, so to enhance the communication within the group and to ease any problems or concerns about the group project.

Discussion Templates

Discussion templates have been built as examples for you to participate in group discussion in MediaWiki. You may either refer to Talk:Example Group or your own group's discussion page for the discussion template.

When doing the discussion, make sure you have done the following:

1. Click <nowiki>'Edit'</nowiki> at the top of the page to start editing.

2. Create new sections for new discussion topics.

- Enter the title for the new section e.g. Suggested Traffic Black Spots

- Make the title a heading using the syntax function

3. Put the new entry at the bottom of the relevant section.

4. Type in your name and the date of the new entry.

5. When more than one topic are created in the discussion page, a table of contents is to be built for easy reference.

- When more than one heading or sub-heading are created, a table of contents will automatically be generated

You may delete the template in your own group's discussion page when you are familiar with it or when you start doing the discussion.

Students are encouraged to participate in discussion and respond to your group members' questions or comments by regularly checking the updates of the discussion page.

Basic Commands

Please refer to Basic Commands used in MediaWiki for the basic commands that you may use in the discussion page e.g. creat table of contents, creat new sections for discussion etc.

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